The Witcher is Back on Your Tabletop with Path of Destiny, Pre-Sale Now Open

The Witcher universe offers various ways to immerse yourself in its world, from watching the Netflix show and playing video games to reading the books. Now, Go On Board, in collaboration with CD Projekt Red, is adding another dimension to the mix with its new card game, Path Of Destiny.

The funding for this card game amassed over $6 million, with more than 30,000 pledges, during the 2023 funding stage. You can secure a copy of the game for yourself by visiting Path Of Destiny’s page on Gamefound.

Path Of Destiny is a tabletop game officially inspired by The Witcher, allowing players to assume the roles of iconic characters from the franchise. By participating in the pre-sale, players can obtain additional items not available in the retail version and gain early access to the game, experiencing it six weeks before the retail launch in Q1 2025.

The game offers various packages, with options ranging from the base game at $55 to the comprehensive $430 “Shaded I Want It All” package. By committing to Path of Destiny during the pre-sale, players can double the value of their purchase and gain access to exclusive items.

For those eager to delve into The Witcher universe before Path Of Destiny’s release, Game On Board’s previous Witcher project, Old World, is being reprinted, with the release of two more expansions planned for 2024. This provides an alternative to satisfy the tabletop fix while waiting for Path Of Destiny.

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