Todd Howard Confirms Fallout 5 Still Set to Launch After Elder Scrolls 6

Bethesda’s release schedule for Fallout 5 remains unchanged despite the success of the Fallout TV show. The company has confirmed that The Elder Scrolls 6 will be launched before Fallout 5, and both projects do not have specific release windows.

Todd Howard, from Bethesda, mentioned that their primary focus for new development is on The Elder Scrolls 6, although they are also making plans for other projects, including Fallout 5. In light of the Fallout TV show’s success, Bethesda is committed to ongoing updates for Fallout 76.

The game has seen a resurgence in players, with a significant spike in interest following the show’s release on Prime Video. The MMO achieved a new concurrent player peak on Steam, with an increasing number of users accessing the game.

The Fallout modding scene is also experiencing a surge, with record-breaking installations of Fallout 4 and New Vegas mods in a single day. Despite the enthusiasm for a new Fallout game, fans are flocking back to Fallout 76, and the modding community is playing a crucial role in maintaining interest in the game.

Bethesda’s decision to stick to its original release schedule means that the community will have to wait a little longer for the highly anticipated Fallout 5.

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