Todd Howard confirms the continued existence of the NCR in the Fallout universe.

Todd Howard has indicated that the NCR will still be part of the Fallout universe, despite not being featured prominently in the latest installment. The NCR’s influence on the West Coast appears to be waning, while the Brotherhood of Steel’s power is on the rise.

The show’s focus remains on a specific time and group, so details about the NCR’s current status are limited. In the Fallout series, 15 years have passed since the events of New Vegas, where the NCR was last seen.

During that time, the NCR had expanded beyond California and was struggling to maintain control over its territories. The outcome of their battles for control, including the one over Hoover Dam, significantly weakened the NCR.

Additionally, the war with the NCR led the Brotherhood of Steel to go into hiding, further indicating the NCR’s decline. The NCR’s influence has diminished, with self-proclaimed governors claiming territory that was once under NCR control.

However, it seems that the NCR has not been completely wiped out, leaving some hope for its future. Its fate may be explored further in the upcoming seasons of the show.

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