Todd Howard Rejects Elder Scrolls TV Adaptation

Despite rumors of a Netflix show, there are no current plans for an Elder Scrolls adaptation. Todd Howard, a key figure at Bethesda Game Studios, has stated that he has turned down numerous pitches for such adaptations. Rumors of a Netflix series based on the popular RPG series surfaced in 2020, but Howard claims that there are no other projects in the works. The Fallout show is set to premiere this week, and a second season already seems likely.

However, the much-anticipated adaptation of The Elder Scrolls remains off the table, according to Howard. He has consistently refused to consider such pitches, emphasizing that the decision to pursue a project is not guided by a desire to have a show, but rather by a natural and compelling idea. Although Howard admits that Fallout was also previously met with resistance, the situation has since changed, leaving the door open for the possibility of an Elder Scrolls adaptation in the future. Nevertheless, for now, it seems that a small screen adaptation of the world of Tamriel is not on the cards.

Rumors of an Elder Scrolls adaptation have been circulating for years. As recently as 2020, there were reports that Netflix was working on a series based on the games, with hopes that it could rival the success of The Witcher. Despite these rumors, Howard’s comments suggest that no current plans for an Elder Scrolls adaptation exist. However, it is possible that Netflix or other companies have pitched such ideas to Bethesda.

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