Traverse Town from Kingdom Hearts is Getting Remade in Kingdom Hearts 3

A Kingdom Hearts 3 fan is working to rebuild Traverse Town to match the quality of official DLC. The iconic location was missed in Kingdom Hearts 3, but modder Caleb Moore is collaborating with Critic_Perfect to recreate it with better visuals and new features.

The mod is not yet available for download, but it is expected to be released soon. Traverse Town holds a significant place in the Kingdom Hearts series and its absence in Kingdom Hearts 3 didn’t sit well with fans.

Moore and Critic_Perfect shared a video of their progress on YouTube, showcasing the improvements to the town including connected districts to eliminate loading screens. The mod recreates the town from scratch, with some elements borrowed from other locations.

The goal is to allow players to interact with Save Points and Moogle Shops, engage in a Dream Drop Distance-inspired diving minigame, and experience the same activities as in the original Traverse Town from Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. However, the mod is still a work in progress, with Moore mentioning that their full-time job and moving have delayed its release.

Despite this, they assure that the mod will be completed and updated in the future. While waiting for the mod’s completion, an earlier version that focuses on remaking the First District can be found on Nexus Mods.

In unrelated news, Jesse McCartney, the voice actor for Roxas, has expressed uncertainty about the character’s appearance in Kingdom Hearts 4 and appears to have little information about the game’s development.

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