Ubisoft to Put Missions in Star Wars Outlaws behind Paywall in 2024

The release of Star Wars Outlaws has sparked controversy for various reasons, both logical and nonsensical. One notable point of contention involves complaints about the portrayal of the lead character Kay Vess. Some gamers are attempting to stir up controversy reminiscent of GamerGate 2.0, which is met with skepticism by many in the gaming community.

Ubisoft’s decision-making around the game’s business model reflects its desire to maximize profits, sparking criticism for locking important content behind high fees. This approach seems to prioritize financial gain over delivering a refined, complete product to players. Although it’s important to note that developers like Massive Entertainment are not necessarily responsible for these decisions, it is evident that these choices align with broader industry trends.

This shift towards monetization tactics typically associated with live service games could risk tarnishing the goodwill associated with making a Star Wars game centered around the criminal underworld. Despite these concerns, many are still looking forward to the game’s focus on criminal activities within the Star Wars universe. In conclusion, the community and players seem increasingly disillusioned with such business practices, and there is a growing sentiment that these tactics detract from the overall experience of the game.

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