UniVersus’ Godzilla Challenger Series: King Ghidorah And Rodan Deck Cards

Ghidorah and Rodan are about to enter the UniVersus TCG with a new Challenger Series deck. King Ghidorah, with low health, and Rodan, focused on removal-based strategy, offer two distinct playstyles for aggressive gameplay. The decks also feature alt-art cards for collectors, available in Collector’s boosters alongside regular decks. The UniVersus TCG is a mix of different IPs, including My Hero Academia, Cowboy Bebop, and Critical Role, competing to determine the strongest deck.

Even the likes of Izuku Midoriya likely wouldn’t stand a chance against Godzilla’s atomic breath attack, showcased in the two new Challenger Series: Godzilla decks. The release calendar for major trading card games, including MTG, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and more, presents the King Ghidorah + Rodan deck as one of Godzilla’s biggest enemies. It is set to launch on June 21, 2024, offering giant monster tussles in gameplay. The Challenger Series decks, like other UniVersus releases, can be played as-is or disassembled to use in other decks, or played against other Challenger series decks such as Critical Role, Cowboy Bebop, and Trigun.

The full decklist for the UniVersus Godzilla Challenger Series: Ghidorah And Rodan Deck includes various cards like King Ghidora, Emperor of the Cosmos, Rodan, Giant Monster of the Sky, Mechagodzilla, Bionic Menace, and more, each designed to contribute to the different playstyles offered by the deck leaders. King Ghidorah’s playstyle revolves around utilizing King Ghidorah counters to maintain a small health total while buffing up attacks and employing a strong removal theme. On the other hand, Rodan’s strategy focuses on removing cards from the discard pile, with abilities aimed at facilitating card filtering and speed changes. Each Challenger Series deck includes a complementary Collector’s booster, offering the chance to obtain alternate art versions of cards.

The Universal Fighting System (UVS) UniVersus is a collectible card game featuring additional Character Cards with powerful Enhance abilities.

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