Using AI for A24 is a Betrayal of Its Audience

A24 is a Manhattan-based studio and distributor that has gained recognition for championing visionary artists and indie films, resulting in award-winning successes such as Moonlight and Everything Everywhere All At Once. The company’s willingness to invest in unique projects and prioritize artists has garnered a dedicated following, particularly among young audiences. Despite its smaller-scale productions, A24 has managed to make a significant impact and carve a niche in the movie industry, where big studios tend to focus on high-budget, franchise-driven films. However, A24 recently faced criticism for using AI-generated images in advertising for the movie Civil War.

The posters, designed to personalize the experience for different cities, have sparked controversy for their use of machine-generated content rather than engaging real artists. This decision, especially given the significant budget allocated for the film, has raised questions about A24’s commitment to supporting artists and the implications of embracing machine-generated content. This incident reflects a broader trend of AI’s increasing presence in the film and television industry, with examples such as AI-generated credits sequences and images in various productions. Concerns have been raised about the potential impact on creativity and the exploitation of AI as a cost-cutting measure, potentially leading to detrimental outcomes.

Nonetheless, A24 has been recognized for its commitment to original scripts and creative financing, prioritizing artistic integrity over commercial considerations. Despite the challenges posed by the infiltration of AI in the industry, A24’s dedication to nurturing creativity and tackling original projects has set it apart as a distinctive force in filmmaking.

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