Using the Steam Deck Incorrectly: I’m Indifferent to the Rules

The Steam Deck is an impressive piece of technology, packing a lot of power into its small, plastic case. Many games look fantastic on its vibrant screen, and players are constantly pushing its capabilities to the limit. Some users delve deep into settings and code to run complex games that seem beyond the capabilities of this tiny machine, but for others, like the writer of this text, the Steam Deck can be a bit overwhelming.

Despite being comfortable building desktop PCs and handling technical issues, using the Steam Deck presents a different challenge due to its Linux-based operating system and the need for in-depth customization. As a result, the writer opts to play games that are less demanding, favoring titles with low system requirements that can run smoothly on the Steam Deck. While the system is powerful enough to run more graphically demanding games, the writer chooses to stick to less demanding titles due to the limitations of the Steam Deck’s battery life, especially in environments where charging options are limited, such as during flights or train journeys.

By playing less demanding games, the writer can extend the battery life to around ten hours on a good day. Despite facing criticism online for not utilizing the full capabilities of the Steam Deck, the writer is content with using it as a platform for indie games and less demanding titles. The Steam Deck has become the writer’s go-to device for enjoying smaller, more manageable gaming experiences, especially during long flights or travel.

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