Vault Tec Phone Number Teases News In “33 Weeks” in Fallout TV Series

The cryptic message indicates an announcement on November 29, 2024, leading fans to speculate about potential news for the next season, a new Fallout game, or a remake. The crew is currently preparing to film in California for the upcoming season, hinting at possible developments for the show. Despite the eerie response from calling the given number, sending a text offers a less unsettling message, thanking the user for reaching out to Vault-Tec. The number ’33’ references Vault 33, Lucy’s origin in the show, prompting fans to anticipate a significant announcement in 33 weeks.

While some fans hope for a new game, the likelihood appears slim, and the wait for a major installment may continue. However, the possibility of remakes and remasters still remains. Amidst the speculation, it seems that an announcement is indeed on the horizon.

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