Walton Goggins is Familiar with Fallout’s Fans Who Crave Attention

Fans of the Fallout series have taken a particular liking to The Ghoul, a character played by Walton Goggins in the upcoming Fallout show. It seems that many fans find the ghoul characters in the series, with their unconventional appearance and morally ambiguous traits, to be attractive.

This phenomenon has not gone unnoticed by Goggins, who recently acknowledged it by reposting a tweet that highlights the fans’ infatuation with his ghoul character on his Instagram. The tweet references the trend of fans, particularly women, expressing their attraction to The Ghoul.

This is not entirely surprising considering the popularity of non-human characters in the Fallout series, as demonstrated by the most popular pairing on fanfiction website AO3 being with a non-human character. Goggins seemed to have taken the tweet in good humor, as he shared it on his Instagram story and quoted the description of his Fallout character as a “homeless radioactive cowboy with no nose.”

He appears to have embraced the unique attention from the fanbase. With this newfound awareness, fans expressing their love for The Ghoul should bear in mind that the actor behind the character may come across their sentiments.

Despite the unconventional nature of their affection, Goggins’ acknowledgment signals a humorous and welcoming attitude toward the diverse fanbase.

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