Warhammer 40K Confirms Inclusion of Female Adeptus Custodes in New Codex

The latest edition of the Adeptus Custodes Codex has stirred controversy due to a story about a Custodian called Taurovalia Kesh, who is portrayed with the use of she/her pronouns. This detail has sparked backlash, with some accusing the Warhammer franchise of retconning established lore. However, others argue that there was no comprehensive lore about the gender of Custodians prior to this, and therefore, the addition of female characters is a permissible expansion of the universe.

The storytelling in the Codex is praised for humanizing the Custodes and providing depth to their characterization, moving away from the traditional depiction of them as rigid and robotic. Despite the backlash, it is emphasized that players have the freedom to interpret and modify the lore for their own enjoyment, and the addition of female Custodians does not limit these choices. The text also mentions the constraints faced by the writers in the past, where new lore and characters were limited by the need for corresponding plastic models to generate revenue.

This has changed with the new Codex, which allows for the expansion of lore without the immediate release of new models. The freedom of players to customize their armies according to their preferences is reaffirmed, and the text encourages a focus on enjoying the hobby rather than rigid adherence to established lore.

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