Which Eiyuden Chronicle Characters to Level Up and Obtain Gear For?

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes features certain characters who will consistently appear in mandatory roles in your party. With a total of 120 recruits, 71 are combat-capable, allowing you to focus on leveling and gearing your favorite characters rather than grinding for the entire team initially. If you want to unlock the race track and card game in the game, you’ll need to recruit specific characters from North Grum-County. Several characters in Eiyuden Chronicle play vital roles in the story or have close ties to the protagonist, Nowa.

It’s important not to neglect their leveling and gearing as they will frequently occupy mandatory slots on your team. The guide aims to emphasize the characters who are essential parts of your party lineup at various points in the game, allowing you to focus on them without the need to level and gear up every character continuously. Towards the end of the game, you may find yourself sent to one-time areas, leading to potential challenges with under-geared, under-runed, and underleveled characters, even with the mandatory slots filled. This guide aims to address these challenges.

In summary, most characters in Eiyuden Chronicle are necessary only once, and this guide aims to assist with handling the challenges that may arise in the game.

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