Why GTA 3 Didn’t Feature Aircraft, Explained by Former Rockstar Developer

In a recent revelation, a former GTA 3 developer, Obbe Vermeij, unveiled the technical challenges faced during the creation of the classic PS2 trilogy. He explained that the PS2’s limited memory was the reason for players not being able to fly in GTA 3, with the exception of a brief trip in the Dodo plane. Vermeij and Adam Fowler attempted to work around the memory limitation by placing models closer on the disk, but ultimately, they had to slow down the player to allow for faster model loading. One of the “hardest technical challenges” during the development of GTA 3 was attributed to the PS2’s memory constraints, as disclosed by a former Rockstar Games developer.

This led to the inability of players to fly planes, with the Dodo, in particular, being an arduous and barely functional option for aerial exploration. The revelation gives insight into the significant creative and technical hurdles faced by the developers, illuminating the efforts made to overcome the limitations imposed by the PS2’s memory. The alterations made to the game’s layout and the challenges encountered in allowing players to fly planes showcase the intricate process of game development during that era.

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