Why You’re Not Good at Apex Legends: The Explanation

The skill floor of Apex Legends has significantly increased over the past five years. Issues such as lag and controller advantages have been highlighted. The writer admits to attributing their decline in skill to various personal factors, including work commitments and family obligations.

They appreciate the continuous opportunities for improvement in the game, acknowledging both its positive and negative aspects. They reflect on the evolution of Apex Legends and the skill levels demonstrated in a YouTube video by a player named Kandyrew. The video showcases the progression of players’ abilities over time, indicating how far players have come since the game’s inception.

The writer highlights the significant improvement in the skills of Apex Legends players, emphasizing the progression from basic movements to advanced techniques. They admire Kandyrew’s honesty in sharing his gameplay clips, showcasing his growth over the game’s lifespan. The video provides the writer with a sense of clarity, leading to an understanding that the game’s skill floor has consistently risen.

They acknowledge the impact of a successful live-service game, recognizing that while individual skills may not have worsened, the overall player base has significantly improved. Overall, the writer encourages acceptance of the increased skill level in Apex Legends and acknowledges the positive impact of the game’s continuous evolution.

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