Xbox expands 360 Store Shutdown Sale with 90 additional games.

The Xbox 360 store is set to shut down in just over a month, and more games have been added to its closing down sale. The total number of games available at a discounted price exceeds 150, with some titles seeing price cuts of up to 90 percent.

This round of games includes popular titles such as Skyrim and Arkham Asylum. With the closure of the Xbox 360 store looming, there is now a limited time to grab any desired games before they become unavailable for purchase.

While digital game purchases will no longer be possible after July 29, players will still be able to access and play their existing games. Xbox has been progressively reducing the prices of Xbox 360 games by up to 90 percent as it approaches the shutdown date, and the number of discounted titles has recently doubled with the addition of a second batch.

The first round of discounted games, released in May, featured over 60 titles, including games like Tomb Raider and Far Cry 4. These titles remain discounted and have been joined by approximately 90 others, bringing the total available discounted games to over 150.

Xbox is still working on publishing an updated list of discounted 360 games, but an available list can be checked through online sources. It’s worth noting that the list may not be finalized, and more games may still be added to the sale.

Among the standout discounted titles is Skyrim, which is available for just $4.49 in its original version for Xbox 360. Additionally, Metal Gear Solid 5 is on sale for $4.99.

These price reductions will be in effect until the store shutdown date on July 29, 2024. The sale will continue with an additional round of price cuts on July 16, with more games expected to be added.

The closing down of the Xbox 360 store marks the end of an era for the platform, and players are encouraged to take advantage of the discounted games before they are no longer available.

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