Xbox is giving away an X-Men ’97 Series X with Wolverine controller.

Xbox has revealed a comic-wrapped X-Men ’97 Series X It’s giving away via its latest sweepstake. Only one of these consoles has been made and the winner will also get a Wolverine-themed controller.

An entire range of X-Men ’97 controllers have been revealed, but it’s not entirely clear how to buy or win them. In a world where sequels, reboots, and remasters are a dime a dozen, making sure you do the original justice and capture whatever was special about it is easier said than done.

When Marvel announced it was reviving the X-Men animated series, the initial excitement would have been mixed with skepticism. Thankfully, X-Men ’97 falls firmly into the category of reboots that have been done well, and now Xbox has teamed up with Marvel to give away a one-of-kind X-Men ’97 Series X as well as a range of controllers.

Not just any comic, but a limited edition strip created by Marvel writer Rich Douek and artist Paco Diaz. The controller will be packaged to make it look like the sort of X-Men action figures that would have accompanied the animated show’s original run in the ’90s.

Deadpool and Wolverine are coming to cinemas this July, but their Funko Pops are coming first. To be in with a chance of winning the one-of-a-kind Xbox and Wolverine controller, all you need to do is share the post below and make sure you’re following the official Xbox account that posted it.

Anyone in an Xbox-supported country over the age of 18 is eligible to win, and the contest will run until 8 pm PDT on May 20, 2024, after which time the one lucky winner will be notified and sent an Xbox that no one else in the world will be able to claim they own. Xbox has also included a range of other X-Men ’97 controllers, each of them inspired by a different mutant from the show.

What isn’t clear is how exactly you can get them. They don’t appear to be going on sale, nor are they up for grabs in the sweepstake.

The only thing missing will be the retro action figure packaging, although that’s kind of what makes them X-Men ’97-themed. Xbox’s X-Men ’97 Series X is the latest in a line of unique consoles the platform has given away via sweepstakes like this one.

Also out there in the world somewhere is an Xbox that looks just like Bluey, and a Palworld Series S with four matching controllers. While not likely, there’s a chance variants of some of these consoles are mass-produced and sold one day.

It’s not identical, but a SpongeBob Xbox was released exclusively at Best Buy a couple of years after a SpongeBob Series X was given away in a sweepstake just like this one.

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