Xbox’s Moment to Shine has Arrived

The Xbox Games Showcase was a standout event with highly anticipated games like Black Ops 6 and a medieval Doom prequel stealing the spotlight. Microsoft’s lineup aims to fill gaps left by Sony’s delays and offers an exciting array of games. The “World Premieres” at the event were perceived as underwhelming, lacking groundbreaking announcements. Notably absent were anticipated titles like Silksong, a Bloodborne remaster, or The Witcher 4.

However, the PC Gaming Show provided a glimpse of games like Citizen Sleeper 2 and Crescent County, which piqued interest. The showcase started with Black Ops 6 – a game that some view as a return to form for the franchise. The announcement that it will be available on Game Pass on launch day is a positive for potential players. The attention then turned to a medieval Doom prequel, presenting a unique twist to the familiar franchise.

Other notable mentions included closer looks at Dragon Age: The Veilguard and Fable, as well as smaller games like South of Midnight and the Perfect Dark reboot/remake. Additionally, new looks at games like Avowed, Assassin’s Creed Shadows, and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle were well received. With PlayStation’s absence until next year and the delays in game development across the industry, Xbox has the opportunity to showcase its competitive edge. However, the text acknowledges that healthy rivalry is beneficial for the industry, and it’s not framed as an “Xbox is the good guy” narrative.

While acknowledging Xbox’s past missteps and questionable business practices, the text emphasizes that the showcase has reignited excitement for gaming and showcased Microsoft’s potential. The author expresses renewed enthusiasm for gaming and believes most of the upcoming excitement in the industry stems from Microsoft.

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