Xbox’s Plans for Multi-Platform Could Lead Me to Purchase a PS5 and Support Xbox More

This text shares the author’s experience and thoughts on owning both an Xbox and a PlayStation console. At first, the author initially justified having both consoles as part of the job, but ultimately found that one console gathered dust while the other was used more frequently due to the subscription service and cross-progression with their PC.

Despite feeling that the PlayStation is the superior hardware, the author chose to keep the Xbox for its Game Pass and the wide variety of games available on the Series X. The author believes that having two current-gen consoles is unnecessary unless one needs to play every exclusive game released.

The prospect of Xbox games not being exclusive to the platform in the future makes the author consider trading in their Series X for a PS5. They question why they should limit themselves to a Series X if Xbox exclusives are also available on the PS5.

Additionally, the author points out that they get every Xbox exclusive for a low monthly price and feels that Microsoft would benefit from making its games cross-platform. The author sees Xbox making its games multi-platform as a positive move, providing gamers with the option to have all their games on one platform instead of investing in two nearly identical machines.

The author views this as a pro-consumer move, especially considering Xbox’s history of acquiring developers and subsequent layoffs to achieve profitability targets. Ultimately, the author sees this decision as a win for gamers.

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