Yugi & Kaiba Quarter Century Accessories Now Available for Yu-Gi-Oh!

Last year, the range of Yugi & Kaiba accessories was disclosed and is now finally available for purchase via Yu-Gi-Oh. The Yu-Gi-Oh TCG is marking its 25th anniversary this year, with plans for celebration announced over the past 12 months.

Among the ways planned to commemorate this milestone is the launch of a range of new Yugi & Kaiba accessories. These accessories featuring images of Yami Yuga and Seto Kaiba with cards in hand are now released and can be added to collections.

All four accessories in the series bear matching images of the characters, allowing fans to create quarter century-themed decks. It should be noted that these accessories do not come with any cards, old or new, but are reasonably priced.

The new quarter-century collection items are available for purchase through the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG website in Europe and will be available in the US from February 9th. Additionally, the Yugi & Kaiba accessories are part of Yu-Gi-Oh’s 25th-anniversary celebrations, which also include the Age of Overlord booster set released at the end of last year.

This booster set consists of 101 cards, including 25 Quarter Century Secret Rares.

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