Zelda Voice Cast Explains Nintendo’s Ban On Fan-Requested Lines

Zelda voice actors are not allowed to do cameos or custom voice lines due to Nintendo’s strict rules. This was confirmed by the actors at MCM Comic Con in London, where they explained that Nintendo has imposed these restrictions out of concern over how unofficial voice recordings might be used.

This means that fans should not expect to be able to purchase a cameo from Zelda anytime soon. The ban extends to the Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom voice cast, who are forbidden from impersonating their characters outside of the games or fulfilling fan requests for custom voice lines.

The conversation about these restrictions arose during a panel discussion at MCM Comic Con, where several actors from the Zelda series addressed fan questions and discussed Nintendo’s protective approach to its brand. The host mentioned that this extends even to how the voice actors interact with fans, drawing a parallel with the limitations experienced by longtime Mario voice actor, Charles Martinet.

The actors emphasized the importance of respecting Nintendo’s intellectual property and the company’s successful approach to maintaining control over it. Despite the restrictions, one of the actors did suggest a workaround for fans who really want to hear her say something in Zelda’s voice.

She offered to provide a sample in person, but not for recording. Another actor echoed the sentiment, sharing that while punishments from Nintendo may not be as severe as fans might expect for unauthorized performances, it is more about understanding the company’s collaborative mindset.

The actors expressed that they do not believe Nintendo would take legal action against them for unofficial performances, but noted that violating the company’s requests could result in not being hired for future projects. Notably, one of the actors has explicitly stated on his Cameo page that he cannot impersonate any of his Nintendo roles, indicating that the company treats this matter seriously.

It remains to be seen whether Nintendo will eventually relax its approach, considering that most other gaming actors do not seem to face similar restrictions.

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