Academy Of Art University’s Booth Stood Out at PAX East

The PAX East convention in 2023 showcased a variety of video games, including popular ones and those from emerging developers. While many attendees waited in long lines to experience highly anticipated titles, some of the most captivating games were found at the Academy of Art University booth. Here, two student-created games, Hexahedron and Teeth, were on display.

Despite being unfinished, these games showed great potential and innovation. At the Academy of Art University, students from the School of Game Development are given the opportunity to work on various projects, with some classes dedicated to rapid prototyping, allowing students to create a game every other week. The focus on practical experience and meeting deadlines reflects the real-world environment of game development studios.

Hexahedron and Teeth, the showcased student games, emerged from a class with a focus on longer development time. Hexahedron, despite being unfinished, demonstrated solid fundamentals in its medieval exploration theme. Teeth, on the other hand, showcased an art style that was described as “more finished” and unique, with a black and white aesthetic featuring teeth elements throughout.

The games on display at the Academy of Art University booth represented the ambition and creativity of the student developers. As attendees experienced the demos, the booth exuded a sense of determination and grit, inspiring a desire to achieve more. Overall, the student games Hexahedron and Teeth at PAX East provided a glimpse into the potential of future game developers and highlighted the innovative work being produced at the Academy of Art University.

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