Voice actor for Three Dog in Fallout 3 hopes to join Fallout Season Two

Erik Todd Dellums, the voice actor known for his role as radio host Three Dog in Fallout 3, has expressed his interest in appearing in the Fallout show. He mentioned that he would be open to playing a new radio DJ character, rather than reprising his iconic role as Three Dog.

Dellums emphasized that he would love to portray a character that is “darker” but possesses the same humor and allure as Three Dog. Given Dellums’ memorable performance as Three Dog in Fallout 3, fans have shown enthusiasm for the idea of his return to the series in any capacity.

His voice lines from the game are deeply ingrained in the memories of many players, making the prospect of hearing him in a different role a delightful surprise for fans. While Mr. New Vegas from Fallout: New Vegas is anticipated to make a return in the upcoming season of the show, the door remains open for Dellums to potentially make an appearance.

With the show potentially exploring New Vegas, cameo appearances, including Dellums’ involvement, seem likely. The show’s past additions to the lore indicate that the inclusion of Three Dog in the storyline wouldn’t be implausible.

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