All Accomplishments and Awards in Little Kitty, Big City

Little Kitty, Big City is a game where you play as a lost cat navigating a bustling city in an attempt to find your way back home. Throughout the adventure, you will encounter narrow ledges, friendly animals, and less friendly humans.

Despite the cuteness of the game, it’s easy to become engrossed in the pursuit of trophies. Within this guide, we will help your whiskered explorer navigate the city like a pro, providing you with the tools to achieve greatness.

In this game, there are a total of 39 achievements. Whether you are a completionist aiming to unlock every achievement or simply seeking extra challenges, here’s a breakdown of what they are and how to acquire them.

A yellow text box will pop up on your screen to confirm successful unlocking of an achievement, and you can find all your unlocked achievements in the ‘Cat-chievements’ section of your in-game menu.

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