Completing the Seaman Challenge in BitLife: A How-To Guide

The BitLife Seaman Challenge is an exciting opportunity to experience marine life in the game. To complete this challenge, you need to complete specific tasks, including being born a male in Alaska, getting an honorable discharge from the Navy, becoming a crab fisherman, purchasing a boat worth $2M or more, and sailing on that boat three times.

To begin the Seaman Challenge, you need to surrender your current life and start a new one as a male in Anchorage, United States. You then join the Navy and wait until you have completed your years of service to receive an Honorable Discharge.

Next, you can become a crab fisherman by searching for the Greenhorn job marked with a crab icon and applying for it. After becoming a crab fisherman, you’ll need to obtain a boat worth $2M or more.

To do this, you start by obtaining a Boating License and then purchase a boat priced at least $2M from the Boat Sellers under Specialty Vehicle Dealers. Finally, you’ll need to sail on your boat worth $2M+ three times to complete the Seaman Challenge.

This involves navigating to the Assets tab, choosing your boat from the list, and selecting the Sail option, repeating this process at least three times to accomplish the challenge. By following these steps, you can successfully complete the BitLife Seaman Challenge and explore the serene waters as a fisherman, navy retiree, and sailor.

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