Baldur’s Gate 3: Emperor Ending Changes When Played Solo

The final moments of Baldur’s Gate 3 play out differently if you beat the game solo. Unique dialogue becomes available from The Emperor in this scenario.

The dialogue suggests that The Emperor forms a stronger bond with players who complete the game alone. Baldur’s Gate 3 provides players with a wide range of choices, including moral decisions and the order in which they approach quests.

It has been discovered that the game even considers which companions make it to the end of the game and alters the dialogue accordingly for those who complete it without any companions. A player on Reddit, Whateverlmaoa, found that completing the game without any companions and then siding with The Emperor results in a more pleasant final conversation.

The Emperor acknowledges the player’s importance in orchestrating its plan single-handedly, indicating a preparedness by Larian for this situation and its impact on the relationship. The existence of this dialogue isn’t particularly surprising, given the need to account for voice lines from multiple companions in the final scene.

The strong bond between The Emperor and the player in a solo run is notable, as is the ongoing discovery of new elements in the game post-launch. Players also look forward to new evil ending cinematics in the upcoming patch.

The scenes will include endings related to becoming the Absolute and The Dark Urge. It seems unlikely that Larian will add another ending for the mind flayer, so this hidden dialogue with The Emperor could remain significant.

Fans in a Reddit thread have highlighted that solo runs are allowed to use hirelings. However, the player must avoid or even kill the other companions presented in the game.

Interestingly, avoiding Astarion does not mean he won’t reappear later on, albeit in a troubled state.

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