Metaphor: ReFantazio Excludes Persona’s Romantic Mechanics

The upcoming title, Metaphor: ReFantazio by Atlus will not include any romance options, unlike the Persona series. Instead of romance, players will deepen their bond with characters to turn them into “supporters”.

The main character of Metaphor is fully voiced, leading to speculation that a canon romance might be included in the game. The game has been revealed to feature turn-based combat, an emphasis on time, and a stylish UI, drawing comparisons to elements from the Persona games.

Although there won’t be romance options in the game, some hope remains for potential romantic storylines specifically tailored within the game. There are suggestions that a canon romance could be possible, adding more depth and meaning to the game’s narrative.

While the absence of romance options might suggest a different direction for the game’s story, it remains to be seen what Atlus has planned until the game’s release. Regardless, it is confirmed that players will not have the choice of romance within the game.

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