Before Silksong, I ought to try playing Hollow Knight first.

Fans’ anticipation for the sequel “Silksong” has been mounting for years, evident in the demands for its appearance during various digital showcases. With the recent Nintendo Indie World presentation, the expectations for “Silksong” reached a new level. Despite not having played the original game, the author felt drawn into the hype, and with recent leaks about the sequel, it seemed that the long-awaited game would finally be unveiled. However, that did not come to pass.

The author’s lack of context for the sequel has prompted them to commit to finally playing the original “Hollow Knight,” which they already own on multiple platforms. They acknowledge the game’s gothic aesthetic and its allure, having heard about its challenging yet intricate gameplay and its rich lore that rewards deep exploration. The author expresses a newfound anticipation for the experience of delving into the world of “Hollow Knight” and speculates about how the lore and discoveries in the first game might tie into the sequel. They recognize the excitement in engaging with a well-crafted game and the endless possibilities it offers, which fuels the impatience for the release of “Silksong.”

In conclusion, the author humorously acknowledges their commitment to finally play “Hollow Knight” and sets out to engage with the game’s world, characters, and challenges, eager to understand the hype surrounding it and prepare for the eventual release of “Silksong.”

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