The Crew Fans Revive Game After Server Shutdown

The Crew Unlimited is a group of dedicated fans working to make the game playable offline. Following the shutdown of The Crew servers by Ubisoft, the group is striving to revive the game and have made progress in making the main menu accessible once again. The game, released in 2015, became unplayable for all owners when Ubisoft pulled the plug on its servers.

This move left a group of devoted fans without the ability to enjoy the game they cherished. Despite the challenges, The Crew Unlimited is determined to bring the game back to life by removing the need for Ubisoft’s servers and making it playable on PC. The group’s efforts have gained support from a large community, as reflected by the 5,500 people on The Crew Unlimited’s official Discord channel.

This dedicated and talented group is working towards ambitious goals, though progress is understandably slow. Given the game’s embedded online features, bringing The Crew to an offline state is no small feat. A recent milestone was reached when the main menu of The Crew became accessible once again, as evidenced by a simple screenshot of the game’s brightness settings.

While seemingly minor, this development marks a significant improvement compared to the game’s previous unplayable state.

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