Best Buy cancela accidentalmente preventas del Deluxe de Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

If your pre-order for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has been canceled by Best Buy, you will need to place a new order. The game is set to be released exclusively on PS5 on February 29, 2024. Some customers received an unexpected email from Best Buy notifying them about the cancelation of their Deluxe Edition pre-orders.

After the cancelations, Best Buy confirmed the mistake but stated that the affected customers would need to place their orders again. The money initially paid should have been credited back to the accounts, ensuring no risk of being charged twice. An issue arose regarding the availability of the Steelbook exclusive to pre-orders placed through Best Buy.

Hours before the unintentional cancelations, it was revealed that the exclusive Steelbook was out of stock. Final Fantasy Rebirth is the second part of the FF7 Remake project continuing the story of Cloud Strife and his group as they leave Midgar, devastated by the Shinra Corporation, and embark on new adventures. Affected customers were asked to place their orders again using the same email address as their original orders to ensure they still receive the exclusive Steelbooks when the game launches later in the month.

For those who haven’t played Final Fantasy 7 Remake yet, a twin-pack with a Rebirth pre-order and a copy of Remake is available through the PlayStation Store, offering a cost-efficient option as the twin pack costs the same as buying Rebirth alone.

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