Players of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Are Displeased with “Absurd” Prices for Classic Skins

In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the fate of Batman has sparked debate. Some players feel that the game’s premium store pricing for skins, such as the classic ones offered as pre-order bonuses, is too high.

The basic version of these skins can start at 1,000 in-game credits (Luthor Coins), which translates to $9.99, while the “Legendary” variant with extra colors and shades goes for 2,400 credits, equivalent to $19.99. For all four characters, purchasing a set of skins means spending a minimum of $40 for the basic versions and $80 for the Legendary ones.

This pricing has generated discontent among players, with some describing it as “ridiculous” and “disgusting.” Some community members, however, see the cost as justified, considering the free post-launch content coming to the game.

Nevertheless, many players find it challenging to justify spending more on four skins than on some full game releases. The controversy surrounding the pricing has led to calls for fans to vote with their wallets.

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