Bethesda’s Fallout 4 Update Released for PS Plus Users

Many people believed that Bethesda and Sony’s lack of communication was intentional. Some speculated that those who had claimed Fallout 4 for free on PS Plus would not be eligible for the update. However, Bethesda has since confirmed that this is not the case, stating that the issue preventing the rollout has been resolved. This confirmation comes as a surprise, as there was initial doubt whether the issue would ever be addressed.

In the past, other games released via PS Plus had been ineligible for PS5 updates, forcing users to purchase the game despite having already accessed it through their PS Plus subscriptions. Adding to the complexity was the fact that Fallout 4 was originally distributed via the now-discontinued PS Plus Collection, which gave users with both PS Plus and a PS5 access to a selection of 20 games. Despite the removal of this benefit last year, those who had already claimed the games were allowed to keep them as long as they continued their payments, and they can now also enjoy the PS5 release of Fallout 4. However, for those who had grown impatient and purchased the game, seeking refunds may be challenging, especially if they have already started playing.

Nevertheless, they now own Fallout 4 and can continue playing it even if they stop paying for PS Plus.

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