Helldivers 2 Leak: Illuminate Faction Arrival Post Meridia Destruction

The text describes a scenario in the “Helldivers 2” game, with details and foreshadowing of potential future events. The first paragraph introduces the concept of using an anti-matter weapon developed with “Dark Fluid” and the potential arrival of the Illuminate. It mentions the discovery of an exploding planet called Meridia, believed to be the catalyst for the Illuminate’s arrival. Dataminer IronS1ghts revealed this information on a leaks subreddit.

The second paragraph elaborates on the significance of the exploding planet, Meridia, as a super colony of Terminid worlds. The rapid mutation and breeding of the bugs have made it impractical to fend them off with soldiers, leading to the consideration of worldwide annihilation. IronS1ghts also leaked details about a “Dark Fluid Containment Device” and its role in the “Dark Fluid Research Station” objective, indicating its importance in the plan to destroy Meridia. The third paragraph hints at the possibility of creating a black hole with the dark fluid to consume the planet.

It also introduces the Illuminate as an advanced aquatic species called the Squi’th, describing their appearance and potential strategy in joining the war from the south of the map. The text concludes with a mention of the ongoing Galactic War and the player’s role as a Helldiver to bring “Managed Democracy” to the masses. This paragraph emphasizes the player’s agency in shaping the game’s narrative and outcome.

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