Bloodborne estaba en desarrollo para PC y PS5 “en un momento dado”

The rumor about a Bloodborne PS5 and PC version has been making the rounds for years. However, recent events such as PlayStation’s State of Play presentation, which showcased a remaster of Until Dawn for PS5 and PC, have disappointed Bloodborne fans once again.

Former Game Informer and Fanbyte senior editor Imran Khan has added fuel to the fire by claiming that Bloodborne was at one point in the works for both PS5 and PC. Nevertheless, he emphasized that it has been a long time since any updates on the project and advised fans not to get their hopes up.

Khan’s comments have caused distress among Bloodborne fans, who are still holding out hope for a potential remaster, especially with the game’s 10th anniversary approaching in 2025. Despite the financial and critical benefits of a Bloodborne remaster, there is skepticism about whether PlayStation is still pursuing it, given the lack of recent information and the company’s actions in shutting down fan projects like Bloodborne Kart.

The frustration among fans is understandable, as a remaster of Bloodborne would likely be highly successful and bring joy to many players. However, the current situation suggests that the prospects of a remaster are uncertain, leading to disappointment and confusion within the Bloodborne community.

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