Preview of SpellRogue – ¡Las Hechizos están echados!

The rise of the deck-building roguelike genre has been captivating to observe after the launch of Slay The Spire in 2017. This trajectory has closely resembled that of tabletop deck-builders initiated with the release of Dominion in 2009. Similar to how tabletop games like Quarriors introduced dice to the card-based formula, roguelike deck-builders are now exploring them to bring new gameplay innovations to the genre.

SpellRogue, developed by a two-person team and published by Ghost Ship Games (Deep Rock Galactic), will be familiar to fans of the roguelike genre but introduces new challenges with the incorporation of six-sided dice as the primary mechanic. Instead of a hand of cards, players develop a small arsenal of spells in SpellRogue. Basic spells may simply deal damage equal to the number shown on the die, while more complex ones may require an even number or an exact roll.

The game offers various spells, providing a different experience each time a character is played. During the development of SpellRogue, the game developers, Thorbjørn Nielsen and Tim Løye Skafte, focused on creating a game that is easy to pick up and understand. With a free demo available on Steam and the full game set to reach the public soon, they are excited for players to experience the game fully.

In the upcoming early access release, players will be introduced to new elemental characters in addition to the Water Elemental character, Lapis, available in the demo. The developers are passionate about their game and believe that players will enjoy it after giving it a try, emphasizing its easy pick-up and play nature. They are excited to see how the game’s metrics change once it’s available to a wider audience.

Their enthusiasm for the game’s potential is evident, and they are eagerly awaiting the game’s release to the public. The data from playtests has revealed interesting insights into the game’s difficulty, with certain bosses posing significant challenges to players. Based on the developers’ comments, it is clear that SpellRogue has been carefully crafted to provide an engaging and enjoyable experience for players.

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