Botany Manor Review: Rediscovering Neglected Plant Species for an Unforgettable Experience

Botany Manor is a game that tasks players with solving puzzles to grow colorful flowers in order to help Arabella Greene complete her herbarium, Forgotten Flora. As players explore the 16th century manor and gather clues, they piece together the instructions for growing picky plants, adding to the charm and serenity of the gameplay.

The game, set in 1890, features a beautifully rendered estate and offers a relaxing atmosphere with interesting puzzles and a pleasing art style. The Botany Manor introduces players to the world of Arabella Greene, a botanist, and engages them in her journey as they settle into her gardening boots and complete her research.

Throughout the game, players must gather clues and solve increasingly intricate puzzles to grow various plants, as they search for clues within the manor which contribute to their understanding of how to nurture each plant. All the while, they log their discoveries in Arabella’s journal, Forgotten Flora, which serves as an in-game guide.

Despite the absence of dialogue, the game effectively conveys the story of a woman navigating a male-dominated field through letters and clues scattered throughout the manor. Additionally, publisher Whitethorn Games provides accessibility settings, ensuring an inclusive experience for all players.

Overall, Botany Manor offers a low-pressure gaming experience, allowing players to immerse themselves in a peaceful and whimsical world, making it a relaxing and enjoyable game.

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