Build-A-Bear’s Dragonite Pokemon Plush Now Available Again

Build-A-Bear has restocked its $65 Dragonite bundle. The bundle includes a hat, scarf, and cape for your Dragonite plush. This plush also features a 50-in-1 voice chip built in.

Dragonite is part of a wider Pokemon range available at Build-A-Bear, but it is one of the more popular options that almost always sells out fast. If you’re looking for a new Pokemon plush, the first place you’ll likely head is the Pokemon Center. However, if you want your soft toy to have a personal touch, then Build-A-Bear is your best bet.

Trainers can get personalized plushes based on their favorite Pokemon. The store’s Dragonite bundle, which proved incredibly popular when released, is now back in stock. The bundle is an online exclusive, so you won’t be able to head in-store and go through the unique Build-A-Bear creation process.

This means the Dragonite plush will still be very different from ones found elsewhere because it has a 5-in-1 sound chip inside allowing Dragonite to make noises. The plush is also able to talk when you press its hand. Additionally, the elusive Gengar Squishmallow is back, priced at only $15, while the Dragonite plush is rather expensive due to being from Build-A-Bear and it having the ability to talk.

One of the biggest selling points of Build-A-Bear is being able to dress your plushes up to truly make them your own. The Dragonite plush comes with a hat, scarf, and cape to give it different looks. At the time of publication, the Dragonite plush is back in stock and available for purchase at Build-A-Bear.

Customers are limited to buying five, although exceptions may be made if necessary. Build-A-Bear’s Dragonite plush may seem pricey compared to other options, but it is more affordable than some of the Pokemon Center’s plushes, such as the 59-inch long Slowpoke priced at $450.

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