In 2024, Playing on a PS4 Is Actually Not That Bad

In the gaming world, as a new console generation progresses, there is often a tendency to overly criticize the previous generation’s shortcomings. This includes exaggerated complaints about long load times, subpar graphics, and the fragility of controller hardware. Familiarity with the latest technology often leads to forgetfulness about the challenges of the past.

Upon revisiting the PS4 after a significant time using the PS5, the experience was surprisingly positive. Despite the occasional shutdowns of the PS5, the PS4 proved to be a reliable gaming machine. The expectation of slow load times with PS4 games was dispelled, and certain factors appeared to contribute to this, such as frequent use of the last-generation consoles, particularly the Nintendo Switch.

The hybrid nature of the Nintendo Switch, which spans console and handheld gaming, has allowed it to straddle different console generations, resulting in some trade-offs in performance. Additionally, playing other games such as Baldur’s Gate 3 on different platforms revealed varying load time experiences, highlighting that slower load times and lower graphics quality were not exclusive to the PS4. In light of these experiences, the return to the PS4 felt like an improvement in some respects, particularly when comparing gameplay graphics and loading times with other consoles.

The transition from PS5’s Yakuza Kiwami to PS4’s Judgment demonstrated noticeable enhancements in fluidity and visual quality, leading to a decreased desire to return to the former.

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