Can Codsworth Pronounce Your Name in Fallout 4?

Codsworth, the robotic butler in the game, Fallout 4, brings a sense of elegance to the player’s custom name by addressing them as Mr. or Miss before saying their name. His extensive vocabulary allows for the inclusion of both common and unique names, such as Kal-El. In most games, when a custom name is input, characters in the game typically use general titles like “Commander” or “Captain,” as it is difficult for voice actors to record lines for every name.

However, Fallout 4 is unique in that Codsworth can say a large number of custom names. While there are limitations to the names he can recognize, he is capable of verbalizing a significant number of them, including ordinary names and some unusual and obvious references. Codsworth’s role as a butler leads to a touch of sophistication, as he adds “Mister” or “Miss” before the custom name to make it sound more refined.

Additionally, if two names are provided, he will prioritize the second one and use it every time he interacts with the player. For example, both “Chris” and “Kris” will work. This collection includes one spelling for each voice line.

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