Include Cal Kestis Minifigure in Lego Star Wars Anniversary Video

Lego’s recent video celebrating 25 years of Star Wars sets has sparked rumors about the potential release of a Cal Kestis Minifigure and a BD-1 Minifigure. The video features various characters and elements from the Star Wars series, hinting at new additions to the Lego Star Wars universe.

The rumors suggest that the Cal Kestis Minifigure and potentially an unconfirmed Death Star set could be in the works. With the release of new R2-D2 and Millennium Falcon sets, and an upcoming TIE Interceptor set, Lego has been actively rolling out Star Wars sets at an accelerated pace in 2024.

The celebratory video showcases characters and elements that have not yet been transformed into Lego sets, including Cal Kestis and BD-1. While the appearance of Kestis and BD-1 in the video hints at their potential release as physical versions, it remains unconfirmed.

Speculation about the introduction of the Kestis Minifigure gained traction following earlier rumors about a new Death Star set for the 25th anniversary of Lego’s first Star Wars set. Although there is no direct connection between Kestis and the Death Star, Lego has a history of including special anniversary edition Minifigures with unrelated sets.

The video also features a Grogu-taken selfie, showcasing Kestis and BD-1 alongside other Lego recreations of characters from throughout Star Wars history. Multiple viewings of the video may reveal additional Easter eggs and details about potential future releases.

While the appearance of Kestis and BD-1 in the video has heightened speculation about their physical release, it is important to note that their inclusion does not guarantee their availability as physical Minifigures or sets. Nonetheless, the rumors and hints in the video have increased the likelihood of a Kestis Minifigure and potentially a new Lego set becoming a reality in the near future.

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