Cillian Murphy rumored to star in Far Cry 7

A Ubisoft leaker is teasing details about Far Cry 7 and hinting that Cillian Murphy may be part of the game. The leaker, known for accurate Ubisoft leaks in the past, shared a cryptic message including images related to Far Cry 7.

One of the pictures is of Cillian Murphy, which has led to speculation about his potential involvement in the game. There are multiple theories surrounding Far Cry 7, with some suggesting that the game may be set in Ireland or that the main character could be named Murphy.

The possibility of Cillian Murphy playing a character follows the trend of big-name actors appearing in the Far Cry series, notably Giancarlo Esposito’s role in Far Cry 6. The leaker, j0nathan, has shared four images related to Far Cry 7, including the enigmatic image of Cillian Murphy as well as a countdown, a crab, and the number seven.

In response to speculation, the leaker neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of Cillian Murphy’s involvement, leaving room for different interpretations. While having a renowned actor like Murphy in the game would be significant, previous Far Cry games have also featured well-known actors, such as Michael Mando and Giancarlo Esposito.

Ubisoft has not released any official details about Far Cry 7 as of yet, leaving fans to rely on these leaks for information. However, with the previous game launching in 2021, there is anticipation for upcoming announcements regarding the much-anticipated sequel.

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