Hollow Knight is 50% off on Nintendo Switch

Team Cherry recently missed another opportunity to showcase Silksong, the highly anticipated sequel to Hollow Knight, at a Nintendo Direct event. This has left fans disappointed and hoping for an announcement soon.

As a consolation, the original Hollow Knight is currently on sale for $7.50 on the Nintendo Switch, down from its usual price of $15. The recent disappointment stemmed from Indie World, where fans were expecting to hear news about Silksong.

Despite hopes being raised by recent ratings in Korea and Australia, Silksong did not receive a release date at the event. Nevertheless, the original Hollow Knight remains a timeless classic, especially on the Switch, where it offers a portable gaming experience.

Purchasing Hollow Knight at its current discounted price feels like a steal for a game of its quality. The sale will be active until April 24, but the game is worth picking up even at its full price.

For those unfamiliar with Hollow Knight, it is a challenging 2D platformer set in the mysterious Hallownest, where players take on the role of the Knight. The game offers a captivating adventure as players battle infected insects and strive to reverse the pervasive decay within the world.

Despite the anticipation for Silksong, now is a great time to experience the original game, especially with its accessible price. In conclusion, Hollow Knight’s current sale presents an excellent opportunity to delve into the captivating world of Hallownest while eagerly awaiting the release of Silksong.

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