Creating Your Blood Bowl Team Is Among Warhammer’s Most Enjoyable Projects

Converting unique units and creating cool Kill Teams are exciting projects for those who can’t commit to epic engagements. Converting models, like Valkyries and Beer Boars, can add depth and character to a Blood Bowl team despite roster changes. That’s why I look to smaller projects. This is an old project that I built when Blood Bowl 2016 released.

I was disappointed that my favorite Norse team didn’t have official rules or models, so I built my own using plenty of Chaos models, mostly from the Darkoath range. I dug the models out of storage this weekend to start a new league, and the conversions hold up. However, I immediately encountered a major problem. I built this force for the old Norse roster, when it was a Team of Legend.

That meant I had Throwers and Catchers, which no longer exist, and a distinct lack of Valkyries and Beer Boars. Using the body of a Norse Lineman, I created one Valkyrie with two tankards of beer and the head from an Imperial Nobility character. Thus, Ölrun was born. I’d vastly prefer to have a Lineman who looks a bit like a Catcher than a standard model.

My two Ulfwerener look great already, but I updated one of them with some superior parts from the new Norse box. A second Berserker was built from the portly gentleman from the Imperial Nobility kit. A simple headswap and some trimming results in a formidable player. I’m not sure if he’s too fancy for my force, but I can write some background for him.

That leaves one Lineman and two Beer Boars to round out my roster, but I built these standard. I know most Warhammer kits come with little Pokemon buddies these days, but there’s a distinct lack of ale-carrying swine. I don’t have time for massive armies, so teams of drunken Vikings will have to do. The only problem is, now I want to build a stadium for them to play in.

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