The Crush House explores reality show ethics by empowering you to create one.

I didn’t know how much I wanted this until I heard about it. Reality shows have always fascinated me, making The Crush House particularly intriguing. Although I don’t watch them regularly, binge-watching The Circle and Too Hot To Handle with friends during the pandemic provided a temporary escape from isolation and boredom. Despite my current focus on written journalism, my university education in Broadcast Journalism and Film Studies taught me the intricacies of editing and filming ethically, as well as the inevitable subjectivity in creating a narrative.

Reality shows, while entertaining, often distort the truth. Yet, viewers are drawn to deconstructing the portrayal of the show’s participants to uncover their true identities, especially with the influence of social media. The upcoming game, The Crush House, which is described as a ‘thirst-person shooter,’ offers an intriguing meta-experience. As the sole producer and cameraperson for a 1999 reality TV show, the player must choose which character interactions to film in order to satisfy the audience.

The game adds complexity by incorporating a mystery element, encouraging players to explore the characters and their dynamics. The game provides a comprehensive experience, allowing players to run ads, manage finances, and purchase props for the mansion. The narrative, combined with the ethical dilemmas faced by reality show producers, adds depth and intrigue. Even without the mystery, the game’s focus on decision-making and ethical evaluation captures immediate interest, making it a highly anticipated experience.

Having only recently learned about The Crush House, I am genuinely excited to play it, reminiscent of the anticipation I felt for a game I tried before, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

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