Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster Should Be Less Silly

Dead Rising is making a comeback with the announcement of the Deluxe Remaster. The remaster seems to fulfill the wish for the return of the series. However, concerns arise from the trailer and the direction of the series, especially regarding the balance of seriousness and silliness. The first game was noted for its horror elements and a more focused approach than the rest of the series.

As a long-time fan of Dead Rising, the concern about the remaster’s potential to shift the tone to be more whimsical and less grounded is expressed. This worry includes the new voice actor for Frank and how certain game quirks will be translated. The blend of humor and horror in the original game, particularly in the juxtaposition of player actions with real terror, blood, and gore, is seen as a key element. The serious nature of the main story and the portrayal of the characters in the first game is highlighted.

The shift in balance from survival-focused gameplay to increased silliness as the series progressed, especially with the introduction of combo weapons, is noted. There is a sentiment of appreciation for subsequent games in the series, but there is a recognition that the focus shifted away from the original game’s tone. Concerns about the potential shift in tone in the Deluxe Remaster, veering towards a more jovial atmosphere, are expressed. The hope is for the remaster to maintain a reasonably grounded approach, especially considering the distinction between the Dead Rising and Resident Evil series.

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