Recalling the Cancelled Zelda Game That Put Link on the Shelf for Sheik

Sammy Hall’s concept art for a cancelled Zelda game set after Ocarina of Time’s bad ending has generated interest online. The project from Retro Studios featured Sheik as the protagonist and explored the fate of the last Sheikah. The use of Wii-exclusive mechanics may have led to its cancellation but also influenced subsequent Zelda games.

Cancelled games and forgotten media often stir up excitement among gamers. The prospect of an unreleased project or a potential entry in a beloved series can be tantalizing. The possibilities and what-could-have-beens can sometimes be more thrilling than actual released games, allowing fans to imagine their ideal game.

Four years ago, concept artworks from employee Sammy Hall at Retro Studios surfaced, including his work on a cancelled Zelda project set after Ocarina of Time’s bad ending. The revelation generated significant interest online, but Hall subsequently removed his social media presence, causing the artwork to vanish. Despite this, Hall’s artwork was described as intriguing, featuring elements inspired by Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time.

The project aimed to explore the origins of the Master Sword within the context of Ocarina of Time’s bad ending, involving the last male Sheikah’s transformation into the Master Sword. However, there was an error in the description, as Sheik is the disguised Princess Zelda, not a male character. The game was intended to have Sheik as the protagonist, delving into the story of the Sheikah who would become the Master Sword.

Further details about the cancelled project were revealed by Paul Tozour, a programmer at Retro Studios, who described it as being set in the Zelda universe but not resembling a traditional Zelda game. The project’s art direction was praised, but its gameplay, which relied on Wii-exclusive mechanics, was criticized. The combat, in particular, was deemed repetitive and uninspired.

Despite the cancellation, the ideas from Retro Studios’ Zelda project have still influenced the series. Elements such as the Divine Beasts in Breath of the Wild and the Master Sword story in Skyward Sword show the project’s enduring impact. Although the cancelled game seemed to have potential, it ultimately did not come to fruition.

The focus on Wii-exclusive mechanics, particularly the combat, might have contributed to its downfall. The concept art from Sammy Hall suggests that the project had a strong Zelda aesthetic and vibe. While a return to the idea from Retro Studios seems unlikely, fans can still appreciate the game they imagine in their minds while awaiting future game releases.

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