Dealing with Stellar Blade’s Shopkeepers Can Be Tiring, but Rewarding

The text describes the frustration with overly talkative and uninteresting non-player character (NPC) merchants in video games. The writer expresses a preference for merchants with personality and ones who offer new adventures through specific quests, rather than just engaging in dull conversation. The writer gives an example of a merchant in the game Stellar Blade, Kaya at Sister’s Junk, who initially provides a quest to find supplies in the Wasteland.

However, the writer becomes disinterested in Kaya’s continuous long-winded dialogue and feels that it detracts from the overall enjoyment of the game. The writer explains that overly talkative NPCs can make them less likely to explore the game further and seek out new experiences. The text also discusses the writer’s tolerance for NPCs talking in games, correlating it with their enjoyment of the game.

They express a desire to engage in meaningful conversations in games they love, while aiming to avoid conversations in games they are less enthusiastic about. The text briefly outlines the game Stellar Blade’s plot, highlighting the protagonist’s battle against alien invaders in an attempt to reclaim the Earth for humanity.

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