Leak Reveals Screen Resolution for Nintendo Switch 2

A recent leak suggests that the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 will feature an enhanced handheld screen resolution of 1080p, an improvement from the current 720p resolution. It is rumored that the Switch 2 will maintain backward compatibility with existing Switch games and Joy-Cons. The information originates from Mobapad, a third-party controller manufacturer.

According to their post on the website Bilibili, the Switch 2 is expected to sport an 8-inch larger screen compared to the Switch OLED, indicating a potential focus on enhancing the mobile gaming experience. However, since there is no official confirmation from Nintendo, it is advisable to treat these details with caution. Additionally, Mobapad claims that the new console will support 1080p resolution in handheld mode, with no specifics provided for docked mode.

It’s anticipated that the improvement in handheld mode will extend to the docked mode, similar to the original Switch. An interesting revelation is that despite the speculated use of new Joy-Cons for the Switch 2, it is said to still support older controllers, utilizing Bluetooth for connectivity. However, this may pose certain limitations, such as potential changes in how the controllers are charged.

Given that Nintendo has yet to announce the next-generation console, the validity of these details remains to be confirmed. If proven true, the reported features would be welcomed by Nintendo enthusiasts, enabling them to retain their existing games and controllers.

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