Developers of Helldivers 2 are addressing the war effort error with a fix.

At the moment, Helldivers 2 is experiencing a bug that is preventing the tracking of war and liberation progress. Consequently, the completion of missions may not contribute towards the overall war effort. The development team, Arrowhead, is aware of this issue and is working to fix it.

They have acknowledged the problem and have assured players that efforts are underway to address the issue. The bug has led to the possibility that player activity may not be properly tracked or displayed, potentially impacting the liberation of planets over the weekend. Arrowhead has made an announcement regarding the issue, demonstrating that they are aware and taking steps to rectify the situation.

The developers are actively working on a fix, and it is hoped that it will be implemented in a timely manner, despite occurring during the weekend. Despite the current issue, it is worth noting that a previous major order involving collectively killing two billion Terminids was successfully completed by players in less than a day. However, this accomplishment may indicate that more difficult challenges lie ahead.

The efforts of the development team to resolve the current bug and restore the functionality of war progress tracking to its intended state remain ongoing.

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