Harold Halibut has the best graphics in any game I’ve ever played.

Harold Halibut’s stop-motion world is a sight to behold. The stop-motion sci-fi game, which has been in development for 14 years, was released this week. Initially, the PC Game Pass version was downloaded, but it was later realized that experiencing the game on a bigger screen with top-tier hardware would be a better option.

Consequently, the decision was made to purchase the PS5 version for $31.52, treating Harold Halibut with the triple-A treatment. Despite being an indie game priced at less than half of major titles, Harold Halibut possesses a distinctive visual charm. The game’s unique appearance sets it apart from other heavy hitters in the gaming landscape.

The creators, Slow Bros., meticulously crafted every aspect of the game’s world using stop-motion techniques, resulting in a visually stunning and time-consuming process. This visual achievement sets Harold Halibut apart, much like the painstaking artistry displayed in Cuphead. While stop-motion and hand-drawn animation may be time-consuming, the resulting visual artistry is what makes them worthwhile.

Harold Halibut’s attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the game, from the posters on the walls to the interactive elements like soap operas and arcade games within the game world. In conclusion, Harold Halibut is a labor of love, evident in its meticulous design and attention to detail. The game’s unique stop-motion visual style sets it apart from other games and makes it a worthwhile experience.

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